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Talar fractures are usually associated with hyperdorsiflexion of the ankle as the talar neck impacts the anterior margin of the tibia, such as in a motor vehicle accident or fall from height. Anatomy. The talus articulates superiorly with the tibia and fibula in the ankle mortise and. Major fracture talar neck and head Immediate ortho consultation required high rate of avascular necrosis Minor fracture Posterior Ankle Splint; Non-weight bearing, short leg cast if minimally displaced fracture; Ortho referral; See Also. Foot Fractures; Foot Diagnoses Main References. Weatherford B. Talar neck fractures. Orthobullets. The talar neck and a portion of the body will stay with the foot and tibia, yet the displaced fragment which may be the body of the talus or part of it will need reduction. This may present in a myriad of ways. Plantar flexion and dorsiflexion of the ankle with traction may “pop” the displaced talar body back into its desired position.

07/02/2013 · It supplies the medial part of the talar body. Interruption of the blood supply causes death of the bone, AVN and nonunion. Head fracture: 5-10% of all talar fractures are head fractures. Neck fracture: the fracture line exits inferior surface anterior to the lateral process. There are four types of talar neck fractures. •Type I: non. 01/09/2011 · Fracture Classification. The most widely accepted classification system of talar neck fractures is that by Hawkins 4 Figure 1, which is based on displacement and dislocation, and therefore, presumed damage to the blood supply of the talus.

Talar Neck and Body Fractures. Talar Fractures: Anatomy, Imaging and Classification 15:48. FORE 2016 Current Solutions in Orthopaedic Trauma. Talus Fractures: When and How to Fix Feat. S. Steinlauf. Fracture Care for the Community Orthopedist and Orthopaedic PA & NP. Small linear avulsion fracture from the dorsal aspect of the talar head/neck. This injury can be managed conservatively. Talar neck fracture Mechanism – hyperdorsiflexion or direct axial load e.g MVA, fall from height, “aviators astragalus” Posterior capsule ruptures, talar neck impacts on distal tibia, vertical fracture. Foot subluxes forwards > talar body in equinus. Hawkins sign describes subchondral lucency of the talar dome seen in AP view that occurs secondary to subchondral atrophy 6-8 weeks after a talar neck fracture 1. This indicates that there is sufficient vascularity in the talus, and is therefore unlikely to develop avascular necrosis of the talar dome later 2,3. The Weber ankle fracture classification or Danis-Weber classification is a simple system for classification of lateral malleolar fractures, relating to the level of the fracture in relation to the ankle joint. It has a role in determining treat.

Maisonneuve fracture refers to a combination of a fracture of the proximal fibula together with an unstable ankle injury widening of the ankle mortise on x-ray, often comprising ligamentous injury distal tibiofibular syndesmosis, deltoid ligament and/or fracture of the medial malleolus. Yuh-Min Cheng Delayed surgical treatment for neglected or mal-reduced talar fractures Received:. talar neck osteotomy in one case, and. osity was therefore impacted into the medial talar neck defect before the fracture was compressed and fixed with screws Fig. 1. 28/09/2015 · Talar neck fractures are known to have a high morbidity, being subject to avascular necrosis AVN, arthritis and non-union of the talar fragments. Given the uncommon nature of talar fractures most studies included few patients, and there is room for discussion as to the correct treatment and risks following the talar neck fracture. 09/01/2013 · Usually, this injury is treated like any other ankle sprain. In most cases, the avulsion off the talus is a small fragment. Thus, only a small portion of the ligament is torn off of the talar attachment. But, there may be more injury within the ligament itself, which would not show up on x-ray. Talar fractures are an uncommon injury, accounting for <5% of all foot fractures. Recognition of the unique talar anatomy is important for correct diagnosis. Pathology Location talar head fractures talar neck fractures talar body fractures.

The talar beak sign is seen in cases of tarsal coalition, and refers to a superior projection of the distal aspect of the talus. It is most frequently encountered in talocalcaneal coalition. It is thought to result from abnormal biomechanic stres. Methods. In this study we have examined the long-term outcome for 15 children 10 male, 5 female with an average age of 10 4–16 years, who had been treated at our department during a period of 21 years 1976–1997 following talar neck or body fracture.

AO Surgery Reference. approach to the talus is usually employed in combination with the anterolateral approach in order to expose the talar neck. The lateral malleolar osteotomy is used in order to gain access to the talus when the fracture is in the lateral body of the talus both posteriorly and laterally. Prasad, 2013 In higher energy mechanisms with displaced talus fractures, associated SH IV distal tibia fractures have been described. Nenopoulos, 2003 Etiology: The most common mechanism of injury in talus fractures is forceful dorsiflexion resulting in talar neck fracture as it. Supracondylar Fracture - Pediatric Lateral Condyle Fracture - Pediatric Medial Epicondylar Fractures - Pediatric Radial Head and Neck Fractures - Pediatric • Osteonecrosis 0.8% 1.1 Monteggia Fracture - Pediatric Both Bone Forearm Fracture - Pediatric Distal Radius Fractures - Pediatric Radius/ulna 4.

Talar neck fractures are unique and potentially debilitating injuries. Their successful treatment requires an understanding of talar anatomy and arterial blood supply, as well as knowledge of the sequelae of these injuries, particularly avascular necrosis of the talar body. Type IV is a displaced vertical talar neck fracture with subluxation or dislocation of the subtalar, tibiotalar, and talonavicular joints Fig 8. In this injury, interruption to the blood supply of both the body as in type III injuries and the head and neck fragments is possible. Figure 8a Hawkins-Canale type IV talar neck fracture.

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